Bretelles…From the sugar shack to your table

Caroline and Philippe share a passion for both family and business life.

Already busy parents to three young girls, the financial analyst and lawyer decided in 2018 to purchase a company specializing in maple products—which quickly became their new baby. Today, Caroline and Philippe head Brien Maple Sweets, a maple processing factory, all while blending original ideas and know-how to create natural, top-quality products made right here at home.

The duo could have simply sat back and enjoyed a life filled with the happiness of their growing family, but one question nagged at them: How is it that maple syrup—an exceptional product that’s growing in popularity—is featured only at breakfast and in tourist shops? By creating the Bretelles brand, Caroline and Philippe were able to take maple syrup out of the sugar shack and into maple products that blend perfectly with just about any dish, providing you with multiple ways to enhance your everyday cooking.